Science Sound Bites Podcast

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I made a podcast specifically designed to supplement STEM curriculum in middle schools and high schools. In short, I interview another scientist about their research in basic terms and try to interject terminology used in current science syllabi, thus giving real world scientific applications to classrooms that don’t always have access to them.

Each ~15 minute podcast comes with a few slides on the topic, a list of terms used (so that teachers can figure out the best ones to use), and a bio on the scientist. It even has theme music!! I have tried to cover a diverse group of topics (not limited to cancer, infectious disease, and math) and interview a diverse group of PhDs. So far we have had K-College, after school clubs, and international participation!!

We have a great line up so far so check it out here!! We also have a publication on how you can use Science Sound Bites Podcast in an educational journal if you are interested.




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