Science Sound Bites Episode 20 – Finding the Keys to Stop Zika Virus


May has come a bit early, at least in the way of this podcast. In light of recent info about Zika virus (like the structure and connections to microcephaly), I figured why not talk to someone who knows a lot about many different types of viruses (including Zika) and is actively doing research in “Finding the Keys to Stop Zika Virus,” and then, release the episode early.

In this episode (#20!), I talked to Dr. Husni Elbahesh, former St Jude Children’s Research Hospital Postdoctoral Fellow and current Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Biochemistry. He is a good friend of mine and I think you will be able to tell that as we talk. It was a great conversation. We chatted about some different types of viruses, what we learn from similar viruses to Zika, and what it actually takes to get sick from an infection. Come take a listen, I think (and hope) everyone can learn a lot from this one.

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List of terms
Virus, DNA, Protein, Zika, Flavivirus, Dengue, Coding strand, RNA, Transcription, Translation



New Podcast – The DN”A” Team (Teacher Resource Edition)


Hey Podcast Listeners,

April is a month of firsts. First podcast over the phone, first podcast with more than one person, and first podcast to be COMPLETELY devoted to scientific resources you use to elicit wonder from your students/children/spouse/parent/pet. For this DNA Day containing month (April 25th), I talked with the great people in the National Institutes of Health Genome Research Institute in the Education and Community Involvement Branch. They want to teach you all about DNA, in fact, that is how I generated the name of this episode, The DN”A” team (Daa Da Dut DAAA, Du Duh Daaa, D-D-Daa Dut Dut Daa, Daa Duh Dada Daaa).

Prepare yourself because I’m about to go there…

I pity the fool who misses this episode because this plan came together, and if you take advantage of what we talk about, hopefully we can inspire some new and cool things to come together in your lesson plans too. There are a lot of great and free resources listed here. I have listed some of the websites below incase you don’t catch them all during the episode.

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