Analogy time!!! How many keys do you have on your key ring, go ahead, I’ll wait. 3? 5? More than 10? So I have another question for you, lets say I replaced one of the locks that one of your keys fit in, so you now have one door that you can’t open, will you throw away your keys? Did that lock changing render the rest of your keys ineffective?


Now, this analogy can go in many different directions, the self worth angle, opportunity, even spiritual. But here I want to apply it to vaccines. Articles are circulating stating that the CDC has apologized because new flu vaccine is ineffective (I personally will not link those articles because I don’t want to add to their internet traffic, which they need for ads to maintain their site). I will however link this very nice detailed summary from ScienceBlogs that gives, in great detail, what actually occurred. A quick summary is that part of one strain virus strain mutated (they do that, which is why there is a new vaccine every year), so the “key” for that particular lock won’t work as well. The other keys still work.

In closing, I plead with you, understand that there are over 100 active virus surveillance centers world wide, that gather evidence to understand how these viruses work, and how to combat them. People received years of training to be your front line of defense against disease, you want us on that wall, you need us on that wall. We don’t call code reds, we prevent code blues. We are the key makers for health locks that seem impossible to open. We already aren’t perfect, but false attacks like this take away more of our limited tools and resources. We will not continue in spite of it all, because it is not spite that drives us, we continue in order to make Human Kind better. Come be part of that “we” because we are all together in this fight.