New Science Sound Bites – Cut the Cord and Keep It

Life can give you many things. Life can give you reasons to smile (even on a Monday morning). Life can give you lemons (and of course when this happens to a scientist, we turn it into an experiment by seeing if we can guess the pH of the juice by using size, color, etc. but I digress). For episode 15 of Science Sound Bites, I interviewed Dr. Suzanne Tomchuck on how life can give you more life! 

scissors_PNG25Here (, you can learn about how the umbilical cord has many valuable cells that can be used to save someone’s life (a very similar manner to how bone marrow transplants work!). Take a listen to get details about some of the wonderful science behind this process. Also, for more information, check out

Also, if you have any topics you want to hear about for future podcast, let me know. No promises, but the scientific community is large and willing to share what they do. The goal is not necessarily to make career scientists, although if some are inspired, I am ecstatic. The goal is to make lifelong science appreciators because they truly have the potential to help find more cures in the future, just though their support. 

Here is the list of terms covered in the episode:

Bone Marrow Transplant

Research and Clinical Research

Cord Blood Transplant

Blood Disorders



Umbilical Cord Blood

Matching HLA (Human leukocyte antigen) Types


Immune System





Fighting Infection

T Cells

Innate Immune Response

Natural Killer Cells

Specific Immune Response

Stem Cells