New Science Sound Bites Podcast – MacGyvering Treatments for Infectious Diseases


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That is a MacGyver reference from the Simpson’s, but honestly if only it was that easy to get out of some sticky situations. This point is especially relevant when it comes to situations involving human health. There are unfortunately many people, such as those in resource limited settings, who don’t have the luxury of great diagnostic tools to help determine disease type or progression so the question arises, what can be done to help those people? How do you prioritize disease A over disease B or worse, how do you choose to even look for disease A vs disease B? 

These are tough questions and for some insight into the matter, I turned to Dr. Sheena Mukkada, an Infectious Diseases Fellow at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and episode 16 entitled “MacGyvering Treatments for Infectious Diseases.” Take a listen and learn about some of the steps being made internationally to protect human health. We also talk about different health degrees people can obtain and the uses they have in society.

List of Terms: Master’s in Public Health (MPH), Research Design, Infectious Diseases, Resource Limited Settings, Cancer, White Blood Cells, Immunocompromised, Diagnostic Tools, Blood Cultures, Bacterial Diversity, Antibiotic Resistance, Virus Pneumonia, Aerobic

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