A New Era For Science Sound Bites, Stay Curious!

stay curious

How do I, say goodbye, to what we had, the good times that made us learn, outweigh the awkward.

As you all may know, I am transitioning away from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, thus, the time has come for me personally to take a step back in the podcast. I will not be far as I will still poke my head in once in a while to interview someone cool that I meet or be around the Facebook page like I’m still one of the cool kids. This does not mean the podcast is coming to an end; on the contrary the podcast is GROWING!!

For the students, the teachers, and the science appreciators out there, I am pleased to announce we have four (not one or two or three but four) new hosts. Welcome St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Postdoctoral Fellows Dinesh Fernando, Nicole Milkovic, Peter Mercredi, and Raju Rayavarapu (you get a host, you get a host). It doesn’t stop there, look under your seats because Science Sound Bites has also garnered the help of some of the communicators and educators St. Jude has to offer in Elizabeth Whittington, Carole Weaver Clements, Erin Starnes, and Kate Ayres. Finally, we have some advisors in Karyn Lawrence and the very person who gave me the idea in the first place, Zach Faber (the first interview I did #ComeALongWay). I will also remain on as an advisor to approve content. The goal, as it has always been, is to give you, the listener, a more diverse group of topics and even higher frequency.

It has truly been an honor to start this adventure and to provide a resource to the hard working science teachers, parents, and after-school providers. In fact, this has become a published resource in the Journal of Microbiology and Biology Education seen here. I hope you and your students have learned and enjoyed this as much as I have. The communication skills I learned by sharing science with you all has made me a better communicator and undoubtedly improved my job prospects. I’ve met scientific icons in Francis Collins and Jim Downing, hung out with my friends, and made some new ones. Thank you all for coming along for the ride so far. I’m excited to share the next part of this journey with you. I’d feel sad, but I know I am leaving the interviews in very capable hands!

So my first podcast as the “not host” is done my Nicole Milkovic, but as a send off she interviewed…drum roll…me (sad trombone haha). You finally get to hear what I have worked on, and will work on in my new lab. Enjoy Episode #21 called “Stay Curious.”


There will be more to come with the other hosts as well as some introductions. Until then, come by the Facebook page and give us a Like (Facebook.com/sciencesoundbites).

Stay tuned!



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