New Podcast – Going Supersonic in Making Therapeutics


In this episode called “Going Supersonic in Making Therapeutics” I talked to a talented scientist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital named Dr. Wendy Pierce. She started her postdoctoral fellowship at St. Jude in looking at how proteins (including some in the Sonic Hedgehog pathway) function in developmental pathways and then transitioned to a project manager role for making therapeutics for brain tumors. We talk about both the science and a cool career path that aspiring scientists can take (science is full of those).

The list of terms are: Scientific Careers, Protein, Disorder, Cell Development, Crystallography, Medulloblastoma, Developmental Disorder, Drosophila, Chemical Biology, Bench to Bedside.

As always, the podcast can be found here…/sites/teachers/plugins/page.php…

Also, congratulations on your beautiful new baby Wendy. We got the interview in right under the buzzer!

Cheers and wow, can’t believe it is March already!



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