New Podcast “Check Yo Genes Before You Wreck Yo Genes”

Straight Outta Biology Class

As you can see from the picture and title, I decided to go all in with the theme for this month, DNA repair. No big deal, just Nobel Prize winning material. In this February 2016 episode of Science Sound Bites with Dr. Cristel Camacho, a postdoctoral fellow at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, we look at why DNA repair is important and how when the process malfunctions, it could have dire consequences, mainly cancer. Episode #17, “Check Yo Genes, Before You Wreck Yo Genes” can be found here at the cure4kids website (Thanks Kate!).

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Also, sorry for missing out on a new episode for January. December was a busy month of job searching but I am pleased to say that it was fruitful. Starting in July, I will be an Assistant Professor in Immunobiology at the University of Arizona (bring on the cacti!!).

Cheers, and have a good month.



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