One year Science Sound Bites Podcast Anniversary = Bonus Episode!!

Today marks one year since the first episode of Science Sound Bites was recorded with Dr. Zachary Faber, the person who planted the seed for this podcast in the first place. The mission was to bring first-hand accounts of research into classrooms to help supplement middle school and high school STEM curriculum. The podcast has grown a lot since then. More than just students and teachers are listening to the podcast (thanks Mom, lol). What started as a joke in the beginning, led to interviewing the Head Honcho of the National Institutes of Health. Additionally, I have talked to postdoctoral fellows, MDs, Professors, and the Director of my home institution of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital about topics including cancer, math in biology, infections, obesity, and hearing loss.

podcast logo-page-001 (1)In total, there have been 13 episodes, including the one being released today entitled “Don’t Eat Me Bro!” In this episode, Dr. Ngumbi and I talk about beneficial microbes and how they can prevent the need for pesticide use. I don’t think I have talked to a person who loves science as much as she does

Please find the new episode at under the resources tab, or for the direct link go to Also, Like the Facebook page at and share this email and the webpages with family, friends, and teachers that might enjoy hearing about some cool science.

Coming up for our October episode, I talk to someone at my alma mater, Duke University (GO BLUE DEVILS!!!) as we discuss “Preventing a Total Eclipse of the Heart.” (Your kids might not get that but I hope you do!).

Special thanks to all those who have shared their research, Zach for the idea, St. Jude staff for the support, especially Kate who runs the cure4kids website and post the episodes online, and you for listening.




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