Science Sound Bites Podcast Line Up, a Sample, and 2K Views!!!

I just wanted to share a resource that I have recently created. I made a podcast (sample) specifically designed to supplement STEM curriculum in high schools. In short, I interview another scientist about their research in basic terms and try to interject terminology used in current science syllabi, thus giving real world scientific applications to classrooms that don’t always have access to them. microphone-21Each ~15 minute podcast comes with a few slides on the topic, a list of terms used (so that teachers can figure out the best ones to use), and a bio on the scientist. It even has theme music!! I have tried to cover a diverse group of topics (not limited to cancer, infectious disease, and math) and interview a diverse group of PhDs (which would be good for Black History Month). So far we have had participation from coast to coast!!

Here is the line up we have so far:

Traffic on Cancer Avenue – Dr. Zach Faber – How does cancer begin and what scientists are doing about it

Crystal Clear – Dr. Clifford Froelich – How do we figure out what proteins look like and how we use that information to design treatments

All Star Catcher for the Body – Dr. Delira Robbins – How does the body get rid of small molecules (medicine/toxins) and how can we stop it or make it more efficient

Mean, Green, Timekeeping, and Energy Making Machine – Dr. Beronda Montgomery – How do plants know what time of day and how does that information change how they grow

If you think you or science teachers can you know can use these, just have them email me at and I will give you/them the download instructions. The more emails I get, the more resources I’ll hopefully be able to provide (and I will be able to keep you up-to-date on new podcast episodes, there are four done and four more in the editing phase). All I want to do is help :).

Also, thanks for supporting the blog, I am over 2000 views so thank you to my friends who logged on several computers to access the site everyday.



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