Conference Recap Part #2

The second of three conference thoughts come courtesy of my undergrad going to ASM general meeting. I have been to these types of meetings before, but for this one, it was my undergrad. I heard she held her own by the way (with her fellowship winning self, go ‘head girl!!!). Thousands of people, thousands of projects, thousands wanting to help with their science. I got the twitter updates and there are some really cool things going on out in there. These meetings are great because they lead to better collaborations which then leads to faster scientific progress. You never know who might have the missing piece to your puzzle.

With all that science though, it is like drinking from the fire hose.

Thats right, even scientist get that drinking from the fire hose feeling, in our own field. That much science is overwhelming to anyone, so as a non-scientist, don’t feel alone in this feeling. It is a testament to just how intricate things are.

We study. We examine. We experiment. We try to find out things that no one has ever found before. There is so much more to discover, so many more layers that people alive today will never see. For reference, imagine explaining the iPhone to your great grandparents. It is an amazing world out there.





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