One Month Bloggerversary

More than 500 views from over 20 countries (representing every continent except the really cold one), thank you for coming by to read my science musings. This blog has been constantly evolving but the overall themes remain the same.

1. Science for the common man (cue the band). Scientist need to be able to communicate their work so that everyone can understand. Yes what a scientist does can be very complicated, but there is usually an understandable version to tell. Additionally, there is a lot everyone can do to spark the science bug in not only themselves, but the next generation, because their time is here.

2. Same team. We are all on the same team. Everyone can and should suit up, but not out of fear, but out of pride. Its like getting to cheer for everyone in the olympics and no matter what, your country wins. Channeling Oprah, “You get a medal, you get a medal, everyone gets a medal!!!” Finish last?? Well, someone somewhere finished first so you get a medal. Of course the medals here are new cures and new technology.

Wrapping up the post, I just wanted to link a few of my post

My most viewed post

My personal favorite post

My funniest post (a matter of opinion)

And a post involving experiments that you can do at home i.e. ways you can easily get involved.

Cheers and stay tuned for Conference Recap #2 on Thursday.



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