Answering an email #1

A friend of mine’s father sent out an email about The Link Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease. I had a different approach to nutrition that I just wanted to share (not a replacement, but an additional theory). There is some pretty cool science going on in this area. Please find it below.


I’d like to add another layer to this issue that wasn’t addressed in this article. It is something that I deal with everyday. Bacteria, that’s right, bacteria. Not only have our diets changed over time, but the bacteria in our bodies changes too. 

Why is that important and what does that do?

People have a large diversity of bacteria in their gut. No two populations are exactly the same. Additionally the numbers and ratios in the gut change base on where you are, who you are, who you associate with, age, etc. The point is these bacteria play a major role in how you absorb nutrients from the food you eat. They can be the difference between allergy, getting overweight, malnutrition, and diabetes. For instance, researchers at Washington University at St. Louis that study gut microbes did a study (in Africa where they could control for food intake better than in the United States) looking at multiples households with two twins on the same exact diet eating the same amount. In some houses, one twin was malnourished, the other was not. What was the difference, the makeup of their gut microbes. Transplanting a sample of the healthy guy microbes to the malnourished twin caused the malnourished twin to recover. The bacteria help digest food so that we can absorb whatever is in that food, for better or for worse. Some bacteria do fats better, some carbs, some protein.

Over time, with antibiotic and that probiotic uses, guts have changed, and food has changed. Most notably is how we process food has changed. A study done in the 50s or 60s could be correct, for THAT population of people. We are not a static people though. We travel a lot more. There is now a globalization or cultures and that includes gut microbes.

In my humble opinion, one cannot begin to look at nutrition and how we process foods, without looking at HOW we process them and how that process has changed over time.

So which fats are good? Lets hear from the bacteria about that one, and my taste buds.

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